Want To Clarify Your Marketing Message So You Can Reach More Clients, Customers, And Users?

The Message-Driven Website Template displayed on a tablet.

Does Your Website Embarrass You?

Send people to a beautifully designed page that clearly expresses how you can help them, without wasting hours of your time setting it all up. "The Message-Driven Website Template" is a simple step-by-step guide I developed over the last ten years while helping hundreds of businesses clarify their message. And it's designed to have your site up in only a day..


8 Tips To Help Functional Health Websites Stand Out With Professional Content Writing (By An Expert Copywriter)

There is no greater gift to give than the gift of health, and there is no greater reward than to watch someone break free of the shackles of chronic disease. To do this work, however, you must transform the way people think about functional health.


Financial Services Copywriting Strategy: Diabolical Retirement Scams

For the last several years I’ve done plenty of financial services copywriting, from Social Security-focused fiduciary services to life insurance and annuities, and all the way back to private equity. And there’s something you should know.


Copywriting Quick Tips: 13 Email Copywriting Tactics For Beginners

When copy is done right, it “does the work for you.” The right message, delivered at the right time, makes selling almost unnecessary, because if you set your marketing message up correctly… Your customers will be excited and HUNGRY when you make them an offer!


It's Hard

I can’t remember a time when it hasn’t always been hard, to be honest; Save for a few pulsing moments in an overextended love long forgotten; I’m upfront about it with anyone stumbling along the path toward intimacy; Not like I could even hide such a glaring and inconvenient impenetrability.


24 Quick SEO Hacks To Help Immediately Improve Your Site's Ranking

SEO Hacks displayed on a tablet.

Email Copywriting Template: The "Problem" Solution Formula


You Can Have My 52 Best Headlines


The Complete Template And Guide You Can Use To Generate Referrals Through Relationship Equity

Referral Campaign Preview

Plus, an entire year’s worth of referral marketing strategy topics, with the template to match, so you can not only generate referrals, but stand out among all the other financial services providers in your market and be the person clients rave about at holiday parties, their country clubs, or anywhere else.

Another Email Copywriting Template: The "Wow This Email Is Almost Too Valuable" Profitable Email Framework




A group of diverse people at a table discussing copy and marketing resources for businesses, like on the website page.

If you're here, you need copy. Words that'll convert into sales while communicating the larger mission you're on. The problem? You can't put into words what's going on in your head. The passion you bring to one-on-one interactions vanishes when you attempt to write your own copy. But you know you need it to grow. So, that's where I come in.

These copy calls are so beneficial. Michael is great at helping me understand how to focus on the benefits and focus on keeping the reader engaged so they are more compelled to take action. I'm grateful for everything I learn on a weekly basis.

Chelsie Ward
Women's Health Specialist

Great call. It's great be able to get copy feedback and discuss strategy for communicating our message clearly with our audience. I always learn new keys to communicating my message and speaking directly to my soul mate clients. Thank you Michael

Cherri S.
Functional Medicine Provider

Michael was great. His recommendations were useful and still held true to the tone and feeling of the message/copy.

Bob Anderson
Education & Government Reform

Thanks for squeezing me in. Always love hearing Michael think out loud because it sounds so natural and exactly what I should be writing. Always a "duh!" moment. Thanks again!

Danielle Howard
Financial Services
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