If you're here, you need copy. Words that'll convert into sales while communicating the larger mission you're on. The problem? You can't put into words what's going on in your head. The passion you bring to one-on-one interactions vanishes when you attempt to write your own copy. But you know you need it to grow. So, that's where I come in.


When you book a Copy Connection Call here's what we'll cover:

  • How to turn the message in your head into copy that resonates with people as clearly as it does when speaking with someone in person
  • Quick modifications you can make to copy you've already published that might be negatively affecting your market's perception of you
  • Marketing opportunities hidden within your message: like a mechanic, I'll take one look "under the hood" of your current copy assets and show you how the jumbled thoughts in your head can actually become levers of influence and help businesses and the people within them thrive
  • How to ethically stimulate a powerful desire for change in your market, and position yourself as the driving force of innovation in your industry (because you are, so let's make sure people know it)
  • The simple campaign structure you can use to pump out profitable marketing quickly, with or without my help, so you can generate sales and help more people live happy fulfilling lives

"Cannot say enough about how incredible it has been to have Michael on the team. He is a bright young man who writes engaging content with passion. Hire him if you want to add an A+ talent to your team!"

- Wesley Cherisien, Content Consultant & Creator For Fortune 500 companies


Michael de la Guerra is a copywriting conversion engineer who helps businesses communicate on a grand scale.

As the head copywriter at Conscious Copy & Co., he worked on some of their highest converting campaigns, for some of their biggest clients, including Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, and dozens of others, across dozens of industries, including legal, real estate, functional medicine, contracting, healthcare, consulting, and more. He's ghostwritten for NFL players, multimillion-dollar entrepreneurs, and household names in business that he's bound by NDA to never speak of. He's been featured as a case study in The Harvard Business Review, published in the Huffington Post, has been banned from writing for Buzzfeed (which is a long story), and quoted as an expert in Fast Company, New York Magazine's "The Cut," The Wall Street Journal, and more.

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