Tell For Me

by Michael de la Guerra in July 9th, 2024

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If I lose my mind before meeting the love of my life, tell her I said, “Hi”; 

Also, please make sure she knows cancer isn’t caused by Red 40 in food dye;

And it’s probably better you don’t tell her I died, that’s lame, just lie; 

Say something cool, like I flew to Cancun with my boys but never arrived.

She doesn’t have to know that none of “my boys” desire a trip to Cancun; 

Or that sometimes I anxiety-vomit at work in the afternoons; 

She won’t care about my sordid relationship with pills and ice cream;

Just please, please don’t mention the women I date who are all still married.

You can tell her kindergarten-age me once stole a Power Rangers shirt; 

From a kid who laughed at me during recess when I fell into the dirt;

I wore my brand new drip on the bus ride home proudly since I deserved it; 

But when Dad saw the shirt, I confessed, and he made me return it.

That was the day I learned about the risk-to-reward ratio of telling a lie; 

And why we all pick and choose what we tell people throughout our lives;

So if in fact you meet bae before me, you don’t have to lie after, “Hi”; 

Tell her I was super cute, funny, and overall just a really great guy.

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