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33 Copywriting & Messaging Principles For The Rising Personal Development Star

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What personal development gets wrong about humanity, and how you can use this to your advantage in business.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #1: Know The Arc Of Transformation

Your ability to deliver transformation to those you can help depends on whether you understand the specific moment when they will be open to receiving your message. Know the arc, or transformation is impossible.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #2: Remove Your Ego

Many misunderstand their ego. Convince yourself you know it all and you've failed completely. Just because you have solutions doesn't mean you know more than others. A bum on the street knows things you do not.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #3: Gain Perspective

See the world for what it really is by allowing yourself time and space to gain perspective. Action is good, but not without forethought and discipline. Don't extinguish the fire inside, keep the embers burning until it's time to burst.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #4: Play On The Edge Of Darkness

Opportunity waits for you on the fringes. Where others are too afraid to venture. Know the dark side exists, and harness it for your personal gain, but don't let it consume you.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #5: Walk Backwards Through Time

The emotional path that your market carves through time can be traced. Follow it. Understand it. Then lead them towards a better life, for the prosperity of you both.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #6: Observe Dreams & Nightmares

When staring at the clock, what does your market dream about? What do they dread? A bulleted list of pain points and desires will not suffice; you must speak the unspoken language of dreams and nightmares.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #7: Define Pain

A hard lesson to swallow. Even if the external pain of your market does not reflect the underlying cause, you still must address their pain. If you can't, go back to principle #2 and humble yourself.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #8: Define Relief Through Vision

Relief from pain is what your market is seeking. But like you, they may believe it to be desire. Don't be fooled. Instead, define relief through the vision they have of their desired outcome.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #9: Speak With Ego Suspended

A hungry personal development star on the rise can make ruin a career by beating their market over the head with the sound of their own voice. Stop this. You're only as brilliant as people perceive you to be.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #10: Provoke The Child

The Freudian inner-child has seen a resurgence. This provides opportunity twofold: your market willingly engages with you about concepts they believe they understand, and you move them further into transformation.


Copywriting & Messaging Principle #11: Learn The Dance

This may be too advanced for you. Just skip it. You can return when ready. It's the simplest, most powerful concept you may learn in messaging: lead with emotion, follow with logic. Sound easy? Then show me the dance.

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