Floral Poetry Print Poem Guide

by Michael de la Guerra in July 9th, 2024

Here you can use the navigation to read the poems on each floral poetry piece. All work is copyrighted, and authored by Michael de la Guerra. So no funny business.

One More Time

You seem like someone I should get to know;

Just don't get too close;

Or I'll never let you go.

See You At Home

I bought a map to heaven for $2 on Venice Beach.

Now I'm in the our backyard playing with your the dog.

Beauty Marks

Disparate bursts of crimson turn dark blue;

Staining your body's lustered pale hue;

Wounds to match your irises' turquoise bloom;

I wish to one day be another bruise on you.

A Stain In Time

Once we wilt and snap like old stems to live only within frames on a wall;

Tragedy is not in death but in there being no memory of us having lived a life at all.

Just Ask

All those times I walked away;

And not once;

Did you ask me to stay.

Le Grand Sac à Main

One large bag for all the easily removable pieces of your life;

Big enough to keep away the clamor of tender hearts like mine.

The scuffed leather fades, beaten by age as more stains accrue;

There in your arms remains a bag almost half the size of you.

Of the items inside, which is your favorite and what is its use?

Have any disappeared, and which are you most prone to lose?

And do you have any room for something new—

To get lost at the bottom anytime soon?

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