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Fine Art & Museum-Grade Approach To Photography


Michael de la Guerra is a creative professional who's practiced photography for almost a decade.

His signature technique captures beauty hidden in the overlooked details of an image, magnifying its color, texture, and “aesthetic consistency.” The visual result overlays the characteristics of realism captured by the camera with a rich painting-like quality, turning each frame into a vivid memory to be displayed however you like, forever.


The difference between images that pop and those that do not...

Is all in the approach you take.

If you want your photos to look like stock images, take a stock image approach, and treat your photoshoot as an afterthought.


But if you want captivating visuals that look like works of art...

Then let an artist treat them like works of art.


Don’t settle for average.

Capture your images with museum-grade photography that will stun and impress.


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So What Does A "Fine Art & Museum-Grade" Approach To Photography Actually Mean?

Let's face it: You don't need to be an expert to know when a photo looks amateurish.


Even Photos Shot By So-Called "Pros" Can Look Flat And Unimaginative


That’s why when you see a stunning image done well, by a real creative...


It's almost like it speaks a different visual language.


But the flashy shots you see in magazines or on billboards, aren’t always necessary either.

What if you wanted a high-quality, creatively vivid photograph, without all the unnecessary glitz? What if you wanted to use the techniques the elite professionals use to do their work, but instead kept it simple?


How Any Simple Photoshoot, From Maternity To Crime Scene Forensics To Real Estate, Can Capture Impressive Levels Of Detail That Turn Images Into Works Of Art People Would Pay To Hang In Their Homes


The Fine Art & Museum-Grade approach just means the photoshoot is done with a certain level of creativity, with focus on maintaining image quality.

Fine Art photography describes images taken at the creative direction of the photographer.

Which means they came up with an artistic approach that was unique to them for the final shots.


"Museum-Grade" refers to the level of detail retained in the photo.

Museums have strict standards for how they capture works of art to print out for reproduction, or when printing photographs for display in a gallery.

Images undergo several rounds of color-matching, and are only printed with the highest quality ink, on archival grade materials.


Which means the photos themselves must be taken with this in mind: the photographs must be in high enough resolution to capture every pixel (the teeny tiny bits of a whole picture) without it distorting during the printing process.

Any photo shot should have the ability to be blown up for display on a large wall, somtimes even covering entire sides of buildings.

Not all photographers are equipped with the right kind of camera and know-how to take photos on that scale.

Why Would You Need That Level Of Detail?


Taking that approach with more simple photoshoots not only results in beautiful images, but also helps communicate emotion.

The more detail we can process, the better we can understand the story being told in the photo.

And taking that approach into, say, real estate photography, gives the photographer the ability to draw attention to the most impressive features of a room, house, or yard, for instance.


Forensic photographers are another example. They must take photos of crime scenes exactly as they appear. 

But those photos will likely be used to tell the story of what happened at the scene later in court; specific shots will be chosen and edited to add extra weight to the narrative being told.

Brightness, dark lines, shadows, and other details will be enhanced to draw attention to important elements of the image.

The ability to enhance specifics in such a way is what I call magnifying the photograph's “Aesthetic Consistency.”


This photo taken of investigators upon finding a dead Kurt Cobain was the shot released to the public. The quality of this photo conveys so much emotion, with feelings of loneliness and isolation very palpable. There were likely other shots taken at the scene, but this is the one that sticks because of its Aesthetic Consistency

Even maternity shoots and wedding sessions benefit from the creative and detailed approach to push the boundaries of aesthetic consistency.

Many of the photographers who employ creative techniques in those areas capture images that are quite breathtaking.

And Your Final Images Becomes More Valuable As A Result Since High-Quality Photos With An Overall Aesthetic Consistency Taken Into Account Will Stimulate Our Emotions And Make Us Stop To Analyze The Picture Thus Allowing Us To Create Specific Experiences That Increase Positive Association With What’s In The Frame


An empty lot for sale could just be an empty lot like this:

But with a more creative approach, that empty lot can instantly become more valuable:

Plus, Low-Quality Photos Suck

If you’re fine settling for average, then by all means, take some average pictures and toss an Instagram filter on it to make yourself feel better. 

But if you'd like to capture the extraordinary details hidden within every image, and you'd like to:

  • Preserve your life’s most treasured moments with striking visuals that will bring smiles to the faces of you and your family for generations
  • Highlight the details of your product, the craftsmanship of your designs, or the luxury of your property listings, so you can attract high-value customers, clients, and buyers
  • Showcase your most confident self with headshots meticulously designed to accentuate your best features or those of your staff/team/crew/company
  • Excitedly share your photos with the rest of the world (instead of feeling embarrassed of how they came out).

Go with high-quality photographs that will stun you every time you glance into the frame where your memory will live, forever.

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