Inspire Change Through Words

33 Copywriting & Messaging Principles For The Rising Personal Development Star


Personal Development Copywriting & Messaging Principle #3: Gain Perspective

If you only knew what was going on inside the businesses of the loudest voices in your industry. 

Just because you see someone using a turn of phrase, a particular marketing tactic, or a social strategy doesn't mean it's working. 

And even if it is producing results, there’s no guarantee it’ll work for you. 

It’s easy to look around at what others are doing—what the leaders in your space are doing, those people you admire—so you can emulate them. But nothing comes easy. You know this, and you can’t expect to be able to mimic your way to the top. 

Instead, gain perspective: look at what people in your space are doing so you can set yourself apart. Create polarization. Go against the norms. Stand for something when everyone else is muttering the same old platitudes to one another in a Facebook group. 

Example #1: This Book

I opened this book by dismantling the dominant theory of personal development. I could have framed it differently. But this wouldn’t have been true to who I am and the message I present. And it certainly wouldn’t have helped you to understand my point of view. By standing against something, I set myself apart, and you leaned in to listen. And here it is, on my website, for free. There is no book launch. You cannot get it on Amazon, and there are only 25 rare physical copies selling for $100s. While everyone is self-publishing books to call themselves a bestseller I'm choosing a different route. Why? Because while competition is a great indicator of demand, I know that undiscovered avenues of growth are more valuable. But I looked around. No one in our industry is blending self-publishing, SEO, and artistry in this way.

Example #2: Introverted Alpha

I’ll hold off on my judgment about the world of dating advice. With all the in-your-face bravado and marketing pyrotechnics, it can be easy to forget that male self-development is a good thing. And all the pick-up artists and seduction experts failed to realize a huge market opportunity for men who wanted to get better at attracting women naturally, without all the manipulative crap. Enter Sarah Jones, the dating coach for introverted men who just want to be better. She gained perspective and stood for something in an industry awash with male chauvinism.



Copywriting & Messaging Principle #4: Play On The Edge Of Darkness

Opportunity waits for you on the fringes. Where others are too afraid to venture. Know the dark side exists, and harness it for your personal gain, but don't let it consume you.

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