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33 Copywriting & Messaging Principles For The Rising Personal Development Star


Personal Development Copywriting & Messaging Principle #11:  Learn The Dance

There’s a game we like to play, those of us who fancy ourselves seekers of knowledge. We believe we’re above the brain’s usual tricks. 

When you learn to dance, you first must learn the steps. Then you progress until you memorize them, ultimately feeling so confident within the art form you can break free of convention with tact. 

Of course, this is like most skills we learn.

The dance in the case of inspiring change through your words is easy. As a copywriter, marketer, entrepreneur, and agent of change, the dance to learn is only two steps: you lead with emotion, then follow with logic. 

Anyone who knows this basic rule might read this and tune it out. 

“Oh, I knew that already,” they’ll say. 

This is when you know you’ve danced out of step. There’s always more to learn, and to think you are ahead because you know the basics, means you’ve fallen for the trick.

Lead with emotion, follow with logic. 

The old saying goes that this is because we make decisions based on emotion that we justify with logic. Easy enough to understand. So easy, in fact, it becomes incredibly simple to screw up. We move between worlds as we dance this dance, ever faster, blurring the line between the two, until we lose ourselves, like the one who says, “Oh, I know this already.”

As if they’re functioning from logic. 

Look deeper: what is this person really saying? I don’t need this. I’m smart. This is below me, so let me move on to the more advanced stuff for people like me.

Tribalism. Entitlement. Grandiosity. Emotions leading them to the subsequent idea in the nexus of knowledge until…

The Restricted Insights Of Wealthy Copywriters: 

Accelerated Growth Through Millionaire Mentorship For The Visionary Rebel

Ah, the advanced insider’s knowledge from a group that has not granted the entitled brain access. Now let’s see what they need to logically justify the $10K price tag for a wealthy copywriter to bless them with the insight that to sell at such a price point is to open with emotion (look at these advanced techniques you don’t know about that will make you rich), then follow with logic (taught by the already wealthy copywriting class who have what you want, and know what a visionary iconoclast you are).

Don’t ever kid yourself. No one is above the dance. Not even you, Superstar.

Malcolm Gladwell knows the dance. He’s one of the most prominent intellectuals known for demystifying the social sciences—and he leads first with Outliers: The Story of Success, David & Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and The Art of Battling Giants, and Talking To Strangers: What We Should Know About People We Don’t Know.

Brené Brown knows the dance. She leads first with The Gifts of Imperfection, The Power of Vulnerability, and Dare To Lead.

Both use emotion as the north star to guide us to their logical conclusions. 

Here’s why this is so critical: when we surrender to the dance, we move in harmony with its rhythm. With the perspective we’ve gained about those we wish to inspire, their dreams, nightmares, visions of a life well lived, and how to respect their inner child, we dance. The copy you write will wrap the mind in a warm embrace of endless syncopated pulses of melody that thump to the beat of your very own synergistic mastery of our collective human consciousness. 

Dance the night away, Superstar.

Example #1: The Reluctant Entrepreneur

Written by Mark Ford under his pen name, Michael Masterson, this book is another example of his market positioning genius. He’d already written Ready, Fire, Aim, recommended reading for any information marketer, or entrepreneur for that matter. It’s 400 pages of pure knowledge from someone who helped to grow a $100M company. But then how does one go about writing after you’ve published your magnum opus to critical acclaim? Easy: the dance. Mark captured the emotion of every person who ever thought about starting a business with one word, and wrote an entry-level book for a broad audience who, when ready, can move on to his more advanced works. 

Example #2: Marie Forleo’s Copy Cure

Marie Forleo knows the dance well. She started as a life and relationship coach, which gives you direct access into the good, the bad, and the ugly of the human psyche. You spend so much time dancing with people and their complexes, you become a master at the subtleties in unconscious communication. I can’t share the wording with you verbatim, but go sign up for her Copy Cure program’s waitlist. Upon opening, watch how she dances and smiles and sprinkles her charisma all around, while the copy you’re drawn into ever so softly implants into your mind one large emotional nightmare: if you don’t learn this skill, your business is doomed.



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