Michael Lopez, Writer, Short Story Sample

Did You Know It's Illegal To Use A Celebrity’s Name In A Book?

Well, you do now. 

But there’s some nuance, so let me explain…

Michael Lopez, Writer, Short Story Sample

Last year I wrote a short story called "I Know, But I Love You."

I wanted to publish it, but there’s a celebrity appearance. 

Turns out, it's frowned upon to use someone’s image and likeness in a way that could be perceived as them agreeing with ideas presented in the material.


So, instead of fighting an uphill battle to get it published, I’m releasing it for free. 

You can read the first 7 pages by clicking here. 

And if you like it, you can scroll down and read the rest for free :-)

Here's what it's about:

He just found out he's been nominated for the film industry's most prestigious award, but none of that matters now, as he faces an unexpected challenge after breaking a promise to the woman he "loves."

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