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Michael de la Guerra

...is a freelance writer and copywriting conversion engineer living in Los Angeles. He helps businesses communicate their message on a grand scale. Under the name Michael Lopez, he was featured as a case study in The Harvard Business Review, published in The Huffington Post, was banned from writing for Buzzfeed (long story), and featured as an expert in Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

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Does Your Website Embarrass You?

Send people to a beautifully designed page that clearly expresses how you can help them, without wasting hours of your time setting it all up. "The Message-Driven Website Template" is a simple step-by-step guide I developed over the last ten years while helping hundreds of businesses clarify their message. And it's designed to have your site up in only a day..


Business Leader Who’s Transforming Your Industry? I Make Sure Everyone Knows About It.

It’s time to expand your reach, with smart copy, for sharp leaders who don’t always have the right words to express how they change people’s lives.


Freelance Copywriter Who Wants Better Clients? And Also Wants To Be A Better Writer?

Interestingly enough the two go hand in hand. But if you really want to get paid well for your words, and make a full time living from your writing without hustling to feed yourself... I don't have much for you. Other than a short book I wrote that outlines how I did it (without any fancy training or a degree).


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Michael de la Guerra is a Copywriting Conversion Expert helping businesses communicate on a grand scale. As the head copywriter at Conscious Copy & Co., Michael worked on some of their highest converting campaigns, for some of their biggest clients, including Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, and dozens of others, across dozens of industries, including legal, real estate, functional medicine, contracting, healthcare, consulting, and more. He's ghostwritten for NFL players, multimillion-dollar entrepreneurs, and household names in business that he's bound by NDA to never speak of.

He's been featured as a case study in The Harvard Business Review, published in the Huffington Post, has been banned from writing for Buzzfeed (which is a long story), and quoted as an expert in Fast Company, New York Magazine's "The Cut," The Wall Street Journal, and more.

He spends his free time on screenwriting, filmmaking, and traveling the world taking pictures. Because of this, his entrepreneur friends dubbed him "The Most Interesting Copywriter In The World" (though he still has a hard time accepting this moniker). He lives in Los Angeles, where he's working on his first novel, with his cat Romeo.

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Want 52 Proven Headline Formulas That Will Connect With Your Market On A Human Level?


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