52 Proven Headline Formulas For Modern Businesses Who Want To Connect With Their Markets On A Human Level

  • Easy-to-follow headline templates you can use to stand out and cut through the noise without resorting to the worst types of shock, hype, or fear, and connect with your market as if you were a long-time friend showing up at their home
  • Position yourself as an authority in a way that will make people want to keep reading as soon as they see your headline
  • Pull from a treasure trove of proven formulas at anytime, even if you're feeling uninspired or don't know what to write

15+ Bonus Techniques Inside


You'll see how to turn your headlines into other valuable marketing pieces, as well as:

  • The creative way A-List copywriters construct their strongest headlines (you can use it to create powerful marketing messages at lightning-quick speeds)
  • A simple Interest Indicator that will show you how to avoid wasting time creating a piece of marketing content that you put out online, only to get zero engagement
  • The Dessert Menu Fix: How I turned a boring benefit statement into a winning headline as salivating as the smell of freshly baked cookies (and how to speak to your markets biggest pain points without coming off as manipulative or salesy)

Thorough Before And After Examples


You'll get to see examples for each formula, and discover:

  • The Lover's Promise Theorem: Design a headline that evokes a positive emotional response, and releases the same brain chemicals as when someone you trust keeps a promise.
  • How to light people up and get them so excited that they devour every last word on your sales page
  • The communication rule almost everyone breaks that you should follow to ensure your message attracts only the people you know you can help
  • How to adapt these techniques to connect with people through email, social media, direct mail, and more

You'll Know What To Include In Your Headline So Even The Most Immune Markets Will Be Intrigued By Your Message, PLUS...

man reading newspaper in bulletin board
  • The three words to remember when writing copy that will allow to stop anyone's mindless internet scrolling and get them leaning into what you have to say
  • Beginner's messaging mistakes to avoid that even top companies like Nike, Apple, and Whole Foods spend millions to evade
  • Examples of the world's greatest living copywriter's headline technique
  • The Tragedy of The Sales Manager: A case study in how I turned the most monotonous subject into a connection-based headline that you can copy to communicate the benefits of your product/service as exclusive and unique.

Michael Lopez is a message-driven content designer and copywriter. He helps modern businesses who are transforming their industry communicate on a grand scale. Because even the sharpest leaders don't always have the right words to express how they change people's lives. As one of the head copywriters at Conscious Copy & Co., he's worked on some their highest converting campaigns, for some of some of their biggest clients, including Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, and dozens of others, across dozens of industries, including: law, real estate, functional medicine, contracting, healthcare, consulting, and more. He's ghostwritten for NFL players, multimillion dollar entrepreneurs, and household names in business that he's bound by NDA to never speak of. He's been featured as a case study in The Harvard Business Review, published in the Huffington Post, has been banned from writing for Buzzfeed (which is a long story), and quoted as an expert in Fast Company, New York Magazine's "The Cut," The Wall Street Journal, and more. He lives in Los Angeles, where he's working on his first novel, with his cat Romeo.

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