Freelance Writer’s Guide Part Four: Your Next First Step

by Michael de la Guerra in January 4th, 2019

The First Step To Starting Your Freelance Writing Business

Every writer you know started somewhere. We all started with zero clients, and a dream of what life could be like. The ones that have made it to the other side are those that decided to make the jump.

You have a choice: continue down the path you’re on now, or put into action the new principles you’ve discovered in this guide and get different results, because...

It’s costing you much more to sit and do nothing than it is to put yourself out there. 

A year from now, where do you want to be? In the same situation you’re in now? I know that when I was chained to my desk at my job, every single year that went by made me increasingly weary. 

There was even a point where I would get promoted and STILL get down on myself because I knew it was just another step towards permanence. 

Only it wasn’t. 

I had the ability to change my life at any time, and so do you. 

If you’re telling yourself you’ll wait until you get certain areas in your life in order before you can start, or that you’ll start “someday,” here’s the harsh truth: someday won’t come. 

You know it’s true. 

You can choose to get started now, or wake up to the alarm clock every morning, and continue to think to yourself how nice it would be to be free from your job as you commute to it.

The point is, the one thing you need to do in order to start your freelance writing career is to just get started.

Don’t let it be a daydream, get started now!

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