AI & My Commitment To Transparency

by Michael de la Guerra in

I live in Los Angeles where pollution is visible. 

But we live with it.


Honestly, I don’t know sometimes, but probably because it’s a beautiful place with a lot to offer. 

Just like the internet. 

There’s also a lot of junk polluting our online world now, too.

But Your Trust Means More To Me Than Anything Else

AI is a useful tool, but at the end of the day, that’s what it is: a tool. 

At least for now. 

I love writing—the actual act and process of writing. Which means I don’t want to turn that over to a machine. I enjoy doing it.

But to ignore AI’s usefulness would be impractical.

Using it to be more efficient, without diluting human substance, opens up so many possibilities for writers and creators. 


My Pledge To Honesty & Transparency With Regards To Generative AI’s Assistance In Content Creation

Any pieces published to my site will be clearly marked to show how—if at all—AI helped in their creation:

  • Not created with the assistance of Generative AI
  • Created with minimal assistance of Generative AI
  • Created with standard assistance of Generative AI

Not Created With The Assistance of Generative AI

Created With Minimal Assistance of Generative AI

Created With Standard Assistance of Generative AI

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