A Unique Positioning Tactic Most People Are Too Busy To Think About

by Michael de la Guerra in

If we look around at what others in the market are doing, we’ll notice that almost everyone’s positioning comes down to “being better.”

There’s a tendency to push against competitors by highlighting why we’re superior. 

People do this because IT WORKS. 

If you have a compelling and logical reason for being better than someone else, drawing attention to it may be all you need to set yourself apart. 

But what happens to the customer? You know, the human being you’re actually trying to help…

What happens when everyone in the market starts to focus on the competition instead of the person who’s just looking for relief?

Why would they listen to you if you’re busy shouting down the other guy?

This gives businesses with tact a distinct advantage.

Because instead of trying to be better, why not focus on being different?

Being different gives us a chance to stand out by saying, “hey, I know all those other guys are shouting about whose ‘this’ does the best ‘that’ more quickly, but that’s not what we’re about over here.”

Then, you have access to the resource everyone is really fighting for: the customer’s attention, and the chance to tell them what you’re about. 

In a world that’s already full of “better,” just be “different.”

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