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Send People To A Beautifully Designed Page That Clearly Expresses How You Can Help Them, Without Wasting Hours Of Your Time Setting It Up

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Get Instant Access To The Message-Driven Website Template Plus Bonuses Including Email Sales Campaigns, Landing Page Template, and Copy Conversion Boosters


Ever thought about what people might say at your funeral?

It's natural. I imagined Lana Del Rey singing at mine. You know what won't be mentioned when you pass on? Your website.


I know, you have so much to say, and so much to share about what you do and why you do it. 

But here's the cold hard truth:

A visitor only spends an average of between 45 and 54 seconds on a website.

And unless you're a well-known brand or a giant corporation that's generating tons of traffic everyday, well...

You should be building your business, not a website.


Even The World’s Leading Experts Only Focus On A Few Very Specific Messaging Components

Copywriter Michael de la Guerra sitting in a chair.

Michael de la Guerra is a copywriting conversion engineer and marketing content technologist who helps businesses communicate on a grand scale. He created The Message-Driven Website Template after almost ten years of developing messaging and copy for hundreds of businesses. As one of the head copywriters at Conscious Copy & Co., he worked on some of their highest converting campaigns for clients like Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, and others, writing across dozens of industries including legal, real estate, functional medicine, contracting, healthcare, consulting, finance, and more. He's ghostwritten for NFL players, multimillion-dollar entrepreneurs, and household names in business that he's bound by NDA to never speak of. This guide shows you step-by-step what to include on your website if you want it to express what makes you unique, and includes only the necessary elements you need to get it up as quickly as possible.


The 4 Key Components To A Message-Driven Website


If you’re a new business owner, or just new to having an online presence, and you’ve spent countless hours and many late nights trying to assemble a website only to be disappointed…

Then check this out: I started out almost 10 years ago writing blog posts for supplement companies on Upwork. Since then I’ve gone on to work with hundreds of businesses.

And I can tell you right now that all your website needs to do is communicate four key messaging components—that’s it! You do not need to:

  • Tell your entire life story
  • Copy what someone else in your industry is doing
  • Have super fancy videos or photos, or use a complex layout

You Can Get A Website You’re Proud Of Up And Running Quickly By Including Only The Messaging Basics


Instead of focusing on what you’ve seen someone else do (or even worse: going in blind), all you have to do is focus on the fundamentals. 

Think about the work you do for a moment.

People have a tendency to overcomplicate things, don’t they?

If they just adjusted their focus in the right direction slightly, they’d be better off.

The same applies here. 

To get a message-driven website up as quickly as possible, just focus on the core of any marketing message:


I know, it sounds simple, but if you’ve ever wasted hours, days, or even weeks of your time on a website you hated…

You know it’s not that easy, which is why I created:



A Simple Framework You Can Use To Get A High-Quality Site Up Quickly, Without Banging Your Head Against The Wall For Hours Trying To Play Website Designer


This was designed to be as simple as possible, and it’s where I start with any of my clients. Here’s what you’ll see inside:

  • Exactly where to start on your website if you’re a new business owner (or are just new to having an online presence). 
  • The 7 sections your homepage needs if you’d like to showcase what makes your business unique, and the messaging elements that’ll inspire people to want to work with you right away.
  • How to arrange your homepage so anyone who finds it is engaged and clearly understands the result, transformation, or solution you provide.
  • A simple headline formula all the online experts you know of have probably used, which you can model to attract only the people you want to work with, and expresses why you’re the best option for them to choose.
  • The creative copy technique big brands like Nike, Tony Robbins, and other huge names across every industry employ to position themselves against the competition and how you can do the same to stand out from all the others in your industry.
  • Build trust and credibility with your market right away with “Imagery Tips” to make your website images look professional, with multiple examples so you’re not left guessing.
  • A website “Must-Have” you’ll need to include if you want people to reach out and work with you (and you’ll be delighted when the clients, customers, or users you attract already know who you are, what you do, and are ecstatic about the opportunity to get started).
  • A crazy-easy copy formula you can just copy and paste to increase the number of people who download your free resources, book calls, or sign up to work with you.

Get Instant Access To The Message-Driven Website Template Plus Bonuses Including Email Sales Campaigns, Landing Page Template, and Copy Conversion Boosters


Here Are Some Examples Pulled Right From The Template


Plus, You’ll Get Everything Needed To Turn Your Message-Driven Website Into A Revenue Generator For Your Business


To make this a no-brainer you'll also get these bonuses:


Connect, Book, & Sell: Turn Website Visitors Into Prospects So You Can Book More Sales Calls With The Landing Page Template Financial Institutions & Business Experts Still Place In Every High-Ticket Funnel That Goes Live

The most indispensable piece of every high-ticket funnel, used by experts within every industry, this proven landing page template will turn your website traffic into leads and includes real examples you can model.


Instant Sales Emails: Proven Campaign Structure Used To Sell Out A Live Event With Email Formulas You Can Copy & Paste Within Minutes

Create instant sales emails with a plug-and-play template, plus an entire campaign structure to use—one that’s been profitable in dozens of industries, including a case study you can follow that showed how this one campaign helped to double a business’ revenue (with detailed insights for you to see exactly how it was done).


Toxic Conversion Killers: Remove These 7 Poisonous Leeches Sucking The Life Out Of Your Copy For A Quick Boost In Conversions

Turn copy you’ve already written into a piece of marketing that generates results by eradicating the most common conversion killers, and ensure all your copy is sales-ready any time you put it out into the world by making these simple tweaks and avoiding these costly mistakes in the future.


Get Instant Access To The Message-Driven Website Template Plus Bonuses Including Email Sales Campaigns, Landing Page Template, and Copy Conversion Boosters


Your Website Could Be Up By Tomorrow


The Message-Driven Website Template can be consumed in under an hour, and is so easy to follow that if you just plug it all in, your website could have all the right elements it needs to stand out by tomorrow. And with all the bonuses you get, your website can actually start generating revenue, instead of just giving you a headache. The landing page template gives you the copy needed to turn traffic into leads, and the email templates along with the campaign structure give you something to send to a list if you already have it, and the conversion boosting tips will do exactly what they promise. Which means this product can pay for itself many times over.


Here's Exactly What You Get

I will hold your hand through the entire guide, with video walkthroughs for each section:

  • Your Homepage
  • Headline & Subheader
  • Main Image Layout
  • Main Button
  • Your Optin
  • Media And/Or Social Features
  • Bio Formulas
  • Resources

Plus, A Bonus Section Covering Product Pages, Work With Me Pages, Adding Video, And More, Including:

  • “The Oprah Rule”: The marketing trick to keep in your pocket and use when you want your market to trust your expertise, based on what I shared with one of my clients who had a picture with Oprah, and what you should include on your site if you don’t have any media features yet.
  • Templates and formulas to make your bio pop off the page.
  • Storytelling examples to use when writing your About Me page, so you know what to include and you’re not paralyzed by the blank page, or continuously editing your story until it drives you crazy.
  • A quick and easy landing page template you can set up to turn website visitors into actual leads for your business.
  • The best ways to showcase testimonials and case studies so you become the undeniable choice for anyone who needs your solution.
  • Beginner’s Tips For Starting A Blog: What to do, what to avoid, and how to proceed if you want to generate traffic from your website’s blog.

WARNING: All sales are final


The proven sales campaign and email formulas alone are worth at least 20X more than what I'm letting this go for. You'd pay $5K as a client for a campaign like the one you'll get with the website template. At minimum. And it's responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. This means a few things: 

  1. Some people will try and take advantage by purchasing the template and downloading all the goodies then asking for a refund. No way Jose.
  2. I want you to actually use the template. Without a guarantee, you're more likely to get your website up and generating sales.
  3. This is some tough love psychology, but it's in your best interest. I promise. And plus...
  4. I'm confident that you'll see how insanely valuable the templates, sales campaign, email formulas, and conversion-boosting copy tips are that any anxiety or frustration you have with my lack of a guarantee will melt away. 

So please, proceed with caution: there is no money-back guarantee, and all sales are final.


Your New Site Is Only A Few Clicks Away

Send People To A Beautifully Designed Site That Clearly Expresses Who You Are, Without Wasting Hours Of Your Time


The template focuses on only the core areas needed for your website to showcase your expertise, so you can get it up quickly.

Don’t waste any more of your time. 

Get The Message-Driven Website Template Plus Bonuses Including Email Sales Campaigns, Landing Page Template, and Copy Conversion Boosters Now


One Last Thing...


This is only for those who already have a website host and/or builder like Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress.

It will NOT teach you how to code, or how to build a site from scratch. 

You’re welcome to check it out if you don’t have a site yet, and use it when you do.

But please remember that all sales are final.


Get Instant Access To The Message-Driven Website Template Plus Bonuses Including Email Sales Campaigns, Landing Page Template, and Copy Conversion Boosters

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